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Software That Connects You To The Right Mentors At The Right Moment

1 Billion Active User Market
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Seamless 3-step.
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Solving Real-world Problems. Now
Passive Income For Millions 
The App

Courses become outdated quickly and are non specific. There are too many self-proclaimed gurus that haven't had the right experience.

A mentor service that allows real verified experts to help solve your problems.

Momentors purpose is to provide the right expert information at the right moment within a seamless verified mentoring platform. 

Momentors seamless plugin and platform allows anyone to find real verified experts using LinkedIn, getting advice at the right moment, paid by the minute. 

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About Us
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What Other People
Think About The Problem

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Joan Marks

"I see such value in a service like Momentor because it creates enough of an incentive to actually get a response. I’ve tried and gave up finding a mentor in the past because people just never answer me."

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Raymond Souza

"I’ve spent hours and hours watching video after video of courses but I never feel like I can apply them in the real world. By speaking to a real expert who’s executed the same kind of tasks to what I’m working on unlocks a workflow I’ve been searching for so long. Can’t believe it only takes a quick conversation."

Working Woman

Maggie Stalk

"I've been so frustrated using mentor programmes in the past because I found it hard to verify their exact experience with their profile. Using Momentor's LinkedIn plugin, I will be able to search directly for the experience I need, auto-message them and have a response in no time! Really awesome guys!"

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